Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Wagging Tail

The wagging tail is one of the most recognizable and expressive parts of a dog's body. But what does it all mean?


When a dog is happy, their tail will wag in a wide, sweeping arc. The higher the tail wags, the happier the dog is.


When a dog is excited, their tail will wag rapidly. They may also jump up and down or bark.


When a dog is trying to assert their dominance, their tail will wag stiffly. They may also stare at the other dog or growl.


When a dog is afraid, their tail will wag in a low, hesitant arc. They may also tuck their tail between their legs.


When a dog is submitting to another dog, their tail will wag in a low, submissive arc. They may also lick the other dog's face or roll over on their back.


When a dog wants attention, their tail will wag in a rapid, high-pitched arc. They may also whine or bark.

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