Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs

Dog Focus

The importance of teaching your dog to ignore other dogs. Improve focus and behavior during walks and outings.

Positive Reinforcement

The power of positive reinforcement. Reward your dog for maintaining focus and ignoring distractions.

Right Treats

The best treats for training. Opt for high-value rewards that your dog loves to reinforce good behavior.

Timing and Consistency

The significance of timing and consistency. Use clear cues and consistent rewards for effective training.

Gradual Exposure

Gradually expose your dog to other dogs. Start from a distance, rewarding calm behavior, and gradually reduce the distance.

Redirecting Attention

Teach your dog to redirect attention. Use cues like 'watch me' to divert focus away from other dogs.

Walks and Outings

Apply training techniques during walks. Reward your dog for maintaining focus and ignoring other dogs.

Clicker Training for Dogs