Top 7 Wrinkly Dog Breeds


Bulldogs are renowned for their adorable wrinkled faces and gentle nature. They make excellent family pets and are great with children.

Shar Pei

Shar Peis have abundant loose skin, particularly around their face and neck. They are devoted to their family and have a calm demeanor.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs have a massive frame and numerous wrinkles, especially on their face. They are protective and loyal to their owners.


Bloodhounds are scent hounds with distinctive droopy skin and large wrinkles. They have a keen sense of smell and make excellent trackers.

English Mastiff

English Mastiffs are gentle giants with wrinkled skin and a loyal temperament. They are affectionate and form strong bonds with their family.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds have loose skin and long ears, adding to their charming appearance. They are friendly and laid-back companions.

Chinese Shar Pei

Chinese Shar Peis have deep wrinkles and a unique "hippopotamus" face. They are loyal and protective of their family.

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