Top 7 Signs of Dogs Having Panic Attacks

Panting and Pacing

When your dog is panting excessively and pacing restlessly, it may be showing signs of a panic attack. Learn how to calm your furry friend during such episodes.

Trembling or Shivering

Notice your dog trembling or shivering uncontrollably? It could be due to heightened anxiety. Discover ways to comfort and soothe your pet.

Excessive Barking

Excessive barking or howling can be a sign of distress in dogs. Find out why this happens and how to address it effectively.

Seeking Attention

Some dogs may hide away when anxious, while others seek constant attention. Understand their behaviors and how to provide the right support.

Destructive Behavior

Dogs experiencing panic attacks may engage in destructive behavior. Learn why this happens and how to redirect their energy positively.

Loss of Appetite

Anxiety can lead to a loss of appetite in dogs. Discover ways to encourage your pet to eat and maintain a healthy diet.

Inability to Settle

Restlessness and an inability to settle down are common indicators of a panic attack. Explore techniques to help your dog relax.

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