Top 7 Reasons Cats Like Shoes

Scent Attraction

Cats are drawn to the scent of their owners on shoes. Your shoes carry your scent, making them intriguing to your feline friend.

Texture & Chewiness

Shoe materials appeal to cats' curiosity. The texture and chewiness of shoes may provide sensory satisfaction for them.

Hunting Instincts

Cats are natural hunters. They may view shoes as prey-like objects and exhibit hunting behaviors towards them.

Comfort & Warmth

Cats may find shoes as cozy spots to curl up in, especially if the shoes are left in a sunny or warm location.

Attention Seeking

Some cats like shoes to get attention from their owners. They may display playful behaviors to get noticed.

Owner Bonding

Cats associate shoes with their owners. Exploring shoes may be a way of feeling close to you even when you're not around.

Chewing & Teething

Kittens may chew on shoes during teething to relieve discomfort. Provide appropriate chew toys to redirect this behavior.

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