Top 7 Pet Fire Safety Tips for a Safer Home

Plan Escape Routes

Map out multiple escape routes in case of a fire emergency. Practice them regularly with your pets for a safer evacuation.

Pet-Proof Electricals

Secure electrical cords and outlets to prevent your pets from chewing on them. Use cord organizers and covers.

Keep Flames Guarded

Never leave candles, stoves, or open flames unattended. Use flameless candles and pet-safe cooking precautions.

Store Flammables Safely

Store flammable items like lighter fluids and chemicals out of your pets' reach in locked cabinets.

Fire Drills with Pets

Include your pets in fire drills to familiarize them with the sound of smoke alarms and evacuation procedures.

Pet Rescue Stickers

Place pet rescue stickers on your doors and windows to inform firefighters about the number and type of pets inside.

Fire-Safe Pet Zones

Designate a fire-safe area for your pets with essential items like food, water, and carriers for quick access.

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