Top 7 Dog Maternal Behavior Problems

Maternal Aggression

Maternal aggression is a serious issue where a mother dog displays aggressive behavior towards her puppies or other animals. Understand the causes and steps to manage this behavior.

Rejected Puppies

Sometimes, a mother may reject one or more puppies, leading to their abandonment. Learn why this occurs and how to handle rejected puppies to ensure their well-being.


Over-grooming can harm both the mother and her puppies. Discover the reasons behind excessive grooming and how to prevent potential health problems.

Lack of Nursing

If a mother is not nursing her litter adequately, it can lead to serious health issues in puppies. Explore the common reasons and expert tips to encourage nursing.

Escaping the Nest

Puppies escaping the nest can be dangerous. Find out why they do this and what you can do to keep them safe and secure.

Aggressive Weaning

Aggressive weaning occurs when a mother forces her puppies to stop nursing abruptly. Learn about gentle weaning techniques and their importance.

Separation Anxiety

Mother dogs can experience separation anxiety when separated from their puppies. Discover how to minimize stress during temporary separations.

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