Top 7 Canine Autism Myths Debunked

Dogs Can't Have Autism

Debunk the myth that dogs cannot have autism. Scientific research shows that dogs can exhibit behaviors similar to autism in humans.

Autism is Only a Human Condition

Understand how autism is not limited to humans. Dogs also show unique behavioral patterns that align with autism-like traits.

Canine Social Challenges

The social difficulties some dogs may experience, such as difficulty in forming connections with other pets or people.

Misinterpreting Dog Cues

Explore how misreading dog cues can lead to misconceptions about their behavior, sometimes wrongly linked to autism.

Sensory Sensitivities in Dogs

Dogs may exhibit sensory sensitivities, which could be misconstrued as autistic behaviors in certain situations.

Spectrum of Canine Behavior

Gain insight into the diverse range of canine behaviors, just like the spectrum observed in autism, making each dog unique.

Support Your Dog

The best approaches to support your dog's mental health, individuality, and overall well-being.

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