National Dog Show


John O'Hurley is an actor, comedian, and game show host. He is best known for his role as J. Peterman on the sitcom Seinfeld. O'Hurley has been the voice of the National Dog Show since 2002.


The voice of the National Dog Show has a lot of responsibilities. They need to be able to pronounce the names of all the different dog breeds correctly.


 O'Hurley does a lot of preparation for the National Dog Show. He reads books about dogs and watches videos of dog shows. He also meets with the judges to learn about the different breeds.


 On the day of the show, O'Hurley arrives early to get ready. He goes over his script and practices his pronunciation. He also meets with the other announcers to make sure they are all on the same page.


O'Hurley gives a lively and engaging performance. He knows how to keep the audience entertained. He also knows how to highlight the best of the best dogs.


O'Hurley has become a beloved part of the National Dog Show. He is known for his enthusiasm and his love of dogs. He has helped to make the show a must-watch event for dog lovers around the world.


The National Dog Show is a great example of how a talented voice can bring a show to life. John O'Hurley is a master of his craft.

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