Lucky Facing Houses According to Astrology


The north facing house is considered to be the luckiest facing house in astrology. It is associated with success, prosperity, and good fortune.


The east facing house is also considered to be a lucky facing house. It is associated with new beginnings, growth, and opportunity. If your house faces east, you are likely to experience many new opportunities in your life.


The southeast facing house is associated with love, relationships, and family. If your house faces southeast, you are likely to enjoy strong relationships with your loved ones.


The southwest facing house is associated with career, money, and power. If your house faces southwest, you are likely to be successful in your career and achieve financial abundance.


The west facing house is associated with creativity, imagination, and travel. If your house faces west, you are likely to be a creative person and enjoy traveling the world.


The northwest facing house is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality. If your house faces northwest, you are likely to be a wise and knowledgeable person with a strong spiritual connection.


If you are not lucky in your current facing house, you can always change it. When choosing a new house, it is important to consider the facing of the house and how it will affect your luck.

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