Leaving Kitten with Adult Cat

Prepare the Environment

Set up a separate space for the kitten with food, water, litter, and a bed. Allow the adult cat to explore the area.

Scent Exchange

Rub a cloth on the kitten and let the adult cat smell it. Do the same with the adult cat and let the kitten get familiar with their scent.

Visual Introduction

Use a baby gate or a cracked door to let the kitten and adult cat see each other without direct contact.

Controlled Meetings

Gradually introduce the kitten and adult cat under supervision. Watch their body language and intervene if necessary.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward both the kitten and adult cat with treats and praises when they show calm and friendly behavior towards each other.

Separate Feeding Times

Feed the kitten and adult cat separately to avoid competition or food-related conflicts.

Playtime Together

Engage the kitten and adult cat in interactive play sessions to foster positive associations between them.

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