Is My Cat Purebred?

Physical Characteristics

Check for specific physical traits associated with the breed, such as coat patterns, eye color, and body shape, to identify if your cat is purebred.

Breed-Specific Behaviors

Certain cat breeds have unique behavioral traits. Observe your cat's behavior to see if it aligns with the breed's typical characteristics.

Pedigree Documentation

Review your cat's pedigree papers or registration documents to verify its purebred status. These documents should come from reputable breeders.

Cat's Ancestry

Research your cat's lineage to understand its ancestry. A purebred cat will have a documented lineage of purebred ancestors.

Breed Standards

Compare your cat's appearance to the official breed standards set by recognized cat associations to determine its purebred status.

Professional Evaluation

Seek the opinion of a qualified veterinarian or cat expert who can identify breed-specific features to confirm your cat's purebred status.

DNA Testing

Consider DNA testing if you are uncertain about your cat's breed. It can provide valuable insights into its genetic heritage.

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