How to Keep Your Puppy Safe on Christmas


 Presents can be a choking hazard for puppies, so it's important to supervise them closely when they're around presents. If you have to leave your puppy alone, put the presents out of reach.


Christmas is a time for feasting, but it's important to keep your puppy out of the way of food. Chocolate, grapes, and onions are all toxic to dogs, so make sure they can't get their paws on any of these foods.


Christmas can be a noisy and chaotic time, so it's important to make sure your puppy has a safe place to relax. This could be a crate, a quiet room, or even just a corner of the couch.


Alcohol is toxic to dogs, so don't let your puppy drink any alcohol. This includes beer, wine, and even hard liquor.


Candles can be a fire hazard, so be careful with them around your puppy. If you have to have candles out, make sure they're in a safe place where your puppy can't reach them.


Christmas can be a busy time, but it's important to make sure your puppy gets some exercise. Take them for a walk or play fetch to help them burn off some energy.


Here are some additional safety tips to keep your puppy safe on Christmas:Keep your puppy away from the tree and decorations.

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