Friendship Day Gifts According to Zodiac Signs


Gemini friends are always talking and socializing. They love gifts that are unique and conversation-worthy. A subscription to a magazine, a piece of art.


Leo friends love to be the center of attention. They appreciate gifts that are flashy and over-the-top. A new outfit, a piece of jewelry, or even a gift certificate to a spa would be perfect for a Leo friend.


Cancer friends are sensitive and emotional. They appreciate gifts that show you care about them on a personal level. A framed photo of the two of you, a handwritten letter.


Scorpio friends are passionate and intense. They appreciate gifts that are mysterious and intriguing. A new book by their favorite author, a piece of jewelry with a hidden meaning.


Capricorn friends are ambitious and driven. They appreciate gifts that help them achieve their goals. A new book on business, a gift certificate to a seminar.


Virgo friends are detail-oriented and organized. They appreciate gifts that are well-made and functional. A new planner, a set of kitchen utensils.


Aquarius friends are unique and independent. They appreciate gifts that are out of the ordinary. A piece of art from a local artist, a gift certificate to a science museum.

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