Discover the Fate of Rajkummar Rao’s Character in ‘Guns & Gulaabs’: Does Tipu Meet His Demise?

Rajkummar Rao’s portrayal of Tipu in the Netflix series Guns & Gulaabs was nothing short of entertaining and fascinating. This quirky character, with his humorous dialogue and unique approach toward life, captured the audience’s attention. Tipu’s quest for love and his relationship with his friend Bunty added depth to his already memorable persona.

Tipu’s Disconnection from His Father’s World

Unlike his infamous father, Babu Tiger, Tipu never aspired to follow in his footsteps. While Babu Tiger was the right-hand man of Ganchi, the opium king, Tipu had no interest in working for him. He had simple dreams and desired a hassle-free life. Despite his father’s tragic death, Tipu remained indifferent, showing no emotional attachment. His friend Suneel had to urge him to at least pretend to mourn.

Tipu’s Unrequited Love and Proposal Gone Wrong

Tipu had a love interest named Chandralekha, and he hoped to marry her someday. However, Chandralekha believed that they were too different to be compatible. In an attempt to express his feelings, Tipu asked his friend Gangaram to write a letter to Chandralekha. Unfortunately, Gangaram, who had feelings for Chandralekha himself, wrote an obscene message instead. Unaware of its content due to his inability to read English, Tipu faced Chandralekha’s anger. This rejection deeply impacted Tipu.

Tipu’s Entry into Ganchi’s Gang and Twist of Fate

After killing two men who insulted and mocked his father’s death, Tipu found himself in a life-threatening situation. To ensure his survival, he joined Ganchi’s gang. Jugnu, Ganchi’s son, gave Tipu an opportunity, recognizing Tipu’s unique qualities and lack of greed. Eventually, Tipu realized that everyone was driven by personal gains, leading him to strike a deal with police officer Arjun Verma and escape with a truckload of opium.

Tipu’s Pursuit of Revenge and Final Stand

Tipu’s journey seemed destined for revenge, both for his father’s and Suneel’s deaths. In a dramatic turn of events, Tipu confronted Atmaram, his father’s killer. Despite multiple stab wounds, Tipu managed to shoot Atmaram, fulfilling his desire for justice. Discovering a gun and a message left by his father, Tipu experienced a newfound connection and a sense of purpose. However, his injuries proved fatal, and he passed away on his way to the hospital. In his last moments, Tipu found peace, knowing he had avenged his father’s death.

Rajkummar Rao’s portrayal of Tipu in the Netflix series Guns & Gulaabs was captivating. This article explores Tipu’s memorable character, his disconnection from his father, his unrequited love, his entry into Ganchi’s gang, and his pursuit of revenge, leading to his ultimate demise.