The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Shocking Ending Revealed – Gelly’s Dark Deed Unveiled, Does She Kill Do Hwi?

The recap of The Uncanny Counter Episode 7 focuses on the development of the storyline and the introduction of new challenges for the Counters. This episode highlights the strong presence of the villain Pil Gwang and the Counters’ involvement in human affairs. While the episode presents humor and sweet moments, it also showcases the looming threat of evil spirits. Here is a breakdown of the key events in Episode 7.

Does Ma Ju Seok Join Hwang Pil Gwang?

In the ongoing fight between Ma Ju Seok and So Mun, it becomes evident that they are evenly matched. Although Mun had previously demonstrated greater strength than Pil Gwang, Ju Seok could potentially overpower all the Counters if he gains more power. However, when Mun is about to exorcise Ju Seok, Pil Gwang and Gelly distract him, allowing Pil Gwang to escape with Ju Seok.

Alone, Pil Gwang confides in Ju Seok that he needs to infuriate him to the point of losing control for the spirit to take over completely. Pil Gwang manipulates Ju Seok by painting himself as another victim of a scam and revealing that their true target is Lee Chung Jae, the mastermind behind the scam.

The Counters, aware of the danger Ju Seok poses, decide to keep the truth about Pil Gwang hidden from him. They fear that a confrontation with Ju Seok’s latent rage and the evil spirits may lead to a merging of the spirits, resulting in an unstoppable force. Recognizing the need to prevent future victims, the Counters take action to stop the upcoming housing scam orchestrated by Lee Chung Jae.

Does Gelly Kill Do Hwi?

A significant focus of Episode 7 revolves around Gelly and the grievances she holds. Ha, Na’s words about having a team behind her while Gelly feels alone trigger a realization about her reliance on Pil Gwang for her safety. Gelly questions the value of risking her life for someone who sees the other Counters as disposable. She contemplates why they cannot coexist without engaging in conflict and instead pursue their individual goals.

Pil Gwang, unsure of his feelings toward Gelly’s actions, does not want to let her go. Gelly demands some form of insurance or reward from Pil Gwang if he expects her to remain loyal. Despite prioritizing herself, Gelly still seeks revenge against Ha Na. Additionally, Ha Na introduces Do Hwi to the Counters, leading to a liking between them, while Jeok Bong feels slighted. However, Gelly attacks Do Hwi and Ha Na, causing a serious injury to Do Hwi while Ha Na intervenes to protect him.

Final Thoughts

Episode 7 of The Uncanny Counter brings relief after the previous underwhelming episodes. The story progresses, and the episode delivers satisfactory entertainment. The Counters regain some of the spark seen in the first season, but fans hope to see more of Jeok Bong in the next episode.

The Uncanny Counter Episode 7 introduces the challenges the Counters face as they deal with the manipulative Pil Gwang and his plan to use Ju Seok against them. Meanwhile, Gelly questions her loyalty to Pil Gwang and seeks revenge against Ha Na. The episode ends with a serious injury to Do Hwi and an impending conflict between Ha Na and Gelly.