Cracking the Mystery of ‘New Bandits (Cangaco Novo)’ Finale: Unraveling Ernesto’s Fate – Dead or Alive?

The Amazon Prime series, New Bandits (also titled Cangaco Novo), follows the story of Ubaldo, an ex-military man, as he embarks on a journey to uncover his forgotten past. After being discharged from the army, Ubaldo loses his job at the bank and faces financial struggles due to his father’s illness.

In his search for a source of income, Ubaldo discovers that he has landed in Cratara, but he needs the consent of his twin sisters, Dinorah and Dilvania, to claim it. While Dilvania welcomes Ubaldo with open arms, Dinorah remains defensive and refuses to cooperate.

Why Did Ubaldo Become A Bandit?

Ubaldo’s birth father, Amaro Vaqueiro, was a revered bandit in Cratara, known for fighting for the welfare of the town’s people. When Ubaldo returns to his hometown, the villagers hope that he will continue the legacy. Although Ubaldo initially has no intention of staying, the circumstances lead him to join a bandit gang.

Ubaldo, with his knowledge of banking operations, aims to improve the gang’s bank heists and collect enough money to support his father’s medical bills. However, Ubaldo also insists on carrying out the heists without harming innocent people or bank employees. Under Ubaldo’s leadership, the bandits become more successful and profitable.

Who Were The Maleiros?

The Maleiro family was responsible for the decline of Cratara, exploiting the town’s resources and leaving the common people in dire conditions. Leinneane and Paulino, a couple fighting for the rights of the town’s residents, seek Ubaldo’s help to bring about change. The Maleiros, particularly Gastao Maleiro, have a deep feud with Ubaldo’s family.

It is revealed that Gastao had committed heinous acts against Dinorah and Dilvania when they were young. Dilvania lost her ability to speak as a result. Dinorah contemplates seeking revenge by shooting Gastao, but her boyfriend, Lino, intervenes. However, they cause an accident that leaves Gastao gravely injured.

Why Were The Police Searching For Amaro’s Gun?

The Maleiros conspire against Ubaldo and Leinneane, leading to suspicions that they were involved in their attempted murder. In an effort to protect Ubaldo and prevent further criminal activities, Ubaldo’s adoptive father, Ernesto, sets fire to Ubaldo’s car, unaware that it doesn’t deter him. Ubaldo borrows money from Leinneane to carry out a planned robbery, but his former gang members ambush them, resulting in a fatal confrontation.

Ubaldo resorts to violence for the first time, indicating his acceptance of the bandit lifestyle. Meanwhile, the police become interested in a missing gun that belonged to Ubaldo’s birth father, Amaro. Ubaldo has no recollection of the events, but circumstances suggest his involvement in the murder.

Did Ernesto Survive?

Ernesto seeks Leinneane’s help in freeing Ubaldo from prison, using Ubaldo’s alibi for Gastao’s murder. Ubaldo’s return home is met with celebration, but tragedy strikes when vandals attack their party and Ernesto is fatally injured. Ubaldo manages to save his friend Jeremias and rescue his father from the burning church, but it is too late.

Ubaldo is consumed by the desire for revenge against those responsible for his father’s death, setting the stage for a prolonged conflict in the upcoming season of New Bandits.

The Amazon Prime series, New Bandits (also known as Cangaco Novo), follows Ubaldo’s journey to uncover his forgotten past and his decision to become a bandit. Ubaldo’s involvement with his birth father’s enemies and the tragedy surrounding his adoptive father’s death propel the story forward, leading to a confrontation between Ubaldo and the Maleiro family.

The quest for justice and revenge becomes the driving force for Ubaldo as he fights to protect his loved ones and bring about change in the town of Cratara.