Introduce A iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro: Power and Innovation in One Package

iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro: iQOO is set to unveil its highly anticipated iQOO 12 Series, and smartphone enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited. These cutting-edge devices are making a splash in the industry, especially with the recent announcement of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen3 platform. With so much buzz surrounding these phones, let’s dive into what sets them apart.

Powerful Batteries and Lightning-Fast Charging

The iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro models truly pack a punch when it comes to power. Equipped with a 5000mAh battery (4880mAh rated), these phones are built to last. But that’s not all, as the iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro come with the lightning-fast 120W wired charging feature. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to a phone that keeps up with your busy lifestyle.

Taking it a step further, the iQOO 12 Pro boasts a 50W wireless charging capability, along with its 5100mAh battery (4980mAh rated). This means you have the option to charge your phone wirelessly without sacrificing speed or performance. iQOO has made a practical choice by utilizing the 120W UFCS (Ultra Fast Charging System) instead of pushing for the extreme 200W fast charging seen in previous models.

Exciting Features and Practical Design

Digging deeper into the standard version of the iQOO 12, we discover even more features to get excited about. The phone’s 1.5K domestic straight screen is a standout, as it ditches the plastic bracket in favor of a metal right-angle center frame. It’s worth noting that the iconic screen pressure sensing feature may have been omitted.

But the iQOO 12 isn’t just about the display. It also delivers powerful performance with its 1016 ultra-large X-axis motors, supporting features like infrared remote control, short-focused optical fingerprints, NFC, and IP64 protection. To add a touch of elegance, there’s even a white glass version available for those looking for an engineering machine.


iQOO is gearing up to offer smartphone users a perfect blend of innovation and practicality with the iQOO 12 Series. With cutting-edge technology and essential features, these phones promise to provide an exceptional user experience.