Enigmatic Finale of ‘Mask Girl’: Unraveling the Fate of Mo-Mi and the Mysterious Destiny of Kyung-Ja

“Mask Girl” is a compelling series that revolves around the story of Kim Mo-mi, a woman who defies the Korean beauty standard and embraces her true desires. This engaging narrative explores themes of beauty standards, jealousy, revenge, and identity. In a society obsessed with plastic surgery and appearance, Kim Mo-mi struggles to find her place while living an ordinary life as an accountant. The only time she feels alive is when she assumes her online persona as the Mask Girl, gaining popularity and adoration from her online audience.


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What Is The Series About?

In “Mask Girl,” Kim Mo-mi develops a crush on her boss, Mr. Park, despite his married status and self-absorbed nature. Consumed by jealousy, she witnesses Mr. Park’s growing closeness with her colleague, A-rum. Devastated, Mo-mi seeks solace in performing for her online audience as the Mask Girl. However, an unfortunate incident causes her account to be suspended, leading her down a path of revenge against Mr. Park and A-rum.

The Unraveling of Mo-Mi’s Identity

During her interactions with her online fans, Mo-mi connects with Ju Oh-Nam, also known as “Once Upon a Prince.” Oh-Nam, unbeknownst to Mo-mi, is also her colleague. As their friendship develops, Oh-Nam becomes obsessed with Mo-mi and believes he is meant to be with her. However, when Mo-mi reveals her plan to meet another follower, Oh-Nam’s world is shattered. He struggles with his feelings of love, fear of rejection, and desire to protect Mo-mi from the dangerous intentions of another follower.

Twists and Turns of Revenge

As the series progresses, Mo-mi finds herself in a dangerous situation with another fan, Handsome Monk. Oh-Nam tries to warn her about the impending danger but fails to reach her. Ultimately, Mo-mi takes matters into her own hands, resulting in a shocking turn of events. The consequences of her actions lead her to quit her job and start a new life as a karaoke singer under a different identity.

Kyung-Ja’s Revenge and The Haunting Past

The story takes an unexpected turn as Kyung-Ja, the mother of Mo-mi’s deceased lover, seeks revenge for her son’s death. Kyung-Ja follows several leads and eventually discovers Mo-mi’s new identity. She kidnaps Mo-mi’s close friend, Chun-ae, in her pursuit of vengeance. However, unforeseen circumstances force Kyung-Ja to confront the truth and confront her own actions.

The Final Confrontation and Redemption

When Mo-mi’s daughter, Kim Mi-mo, becomes involved in the plot, the series takes a dramatic turn. Kyung-Ja plans to kill Mi-mo to punish Mo-mi, but her plans are thwarted by Mo-mi and her newfound ally, Ye-chun. In a tense and emotional climax, Mo-mi sacrifices herself to protect her daughter, demonstrating the depth of her love. The series concludes with Mo-mi’s legacy, her daughter, finding compassion for her mother and the bond between them.


“Mask Girl” is a captivating series that delves into the complexities of beauty standards, revenge, and the search for identity. Kim Mo-mi’s journey challenges societal norms and expectations, highlighting the importance of self-acceptance. The series explores themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption, leaving viewers with a thought-provoking and emotional experience.